Thursday Evening Edition 11/12/09

PLUGGING LEAKS: News Corp COO wants to plug WSJ paywall leaks. “We don’t want people going though a backdoor, or other channels,” said Chase Carey. [Business Insider]

JARVIS REPORTS: On yesterday’s New Business Models for Local News summit at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism:

I ran what I called a reverse panel with big media folks – NY Times, Washington Post, Gannett, Star-Ledger, Impremedia, Politico – sitting up front but ordered to listen to the wishes and needs of the people in the room.…

Bloggers from medium-sized cities had plenty of complaints about the disrespect they see from their local medium-sized media outlets. But I did see a shift in the balance of power yesterday. The big media guys on this reverse panel made it crystal clear that they not only respect but need the work of the bloggers/citizens/little-media-guys/whatever you choose to call them. The big guys acknowledged openly that they are shrinking and can no longer even pretend that they can do it all themselves.

For their part, the bloggers also made it clear that they respect and thus want attention – promotion and credit – from the big guys.

Group hug.[Buzz Machine]

INTERNET NEEDS NEWSPAPERS: Thus saith a newspaper editor. [Telegraph] Also: The newspaper reading culture. [Media Post]

REPORTERS MUST PAY: For home delivery in Hartford. [Romenesko]

OPPS: She’s still a hero, but … her partner’s shots stopped Fort Hood killer. [London Times]

9 BAD THINGS ABOUT THE INTERNET: And why the nternet’s good makes them worth living with. Jeff Jarvis says, stop complaining:


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