Wednesday Evening Edition 11/11/09

HE GAVE UP: Designer moves on after newspapers won’t think openly about the Web. [Newsosaur]

In the most perverse and consistent institutional character flaw I have witnessed in more than 35 years of covering and conducting all sorts of business, I have found that publishers are constitutionally unable to be the first movers on anything that might give them a competitive advantage.

FINE EXAMPLE! Supreme Court justice demands — and gets — right to edit high school paper’s story. [NY Times]

DEATH VALLEY: Rick Edmonds probes, CSI-style, why East Valley Tribune will die. [Poynter]

What went wrong in the prosperous, expanding communities in the outer belt of metro Phoenix?…

Discontinuing most weekday editions, migrating to the Web and switching to free distribution is a roll-of-the-dice strategy. And the Tribune may have cut back so drastically that its report, in either print or electronic format, became expendable to some portion of readers and advertisers.

NATURAL BORN CLICKERS: 8 percent of users account for 85 percent of all clicks. [Media Post]

BILL O’REILLY: Voice of reason.


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