Tuesday Morning Edition 11/10/09


SOBER POST: Those two words — “sober” and “Post,” as in NY Post — would be an oximoron when applied to the tabloid’s editorial package. But those are the words the NY Times used Monday to describe morale at the Post as its circulation plummets and large losses continue. [NY Times] Also: Murdoch favors family succession. [Bloomberg]

OFF MARK: Alan Mutter is on target so often that when he’s wrong, his mistakes resonate. His Newsosaur post on Monday states that “media succumbed to ugly ethnic and religious profiling in their coverage of the shooting last week at Fort Hood. Shame on them.” Just the opposite was true (except perhaps in relation to the earliest cable news reports, which I missed; by the time I tuned in — about two hours into the story — cable was going out of its way to skirt even a mention of the killer’s religion). Responsible reporting puts facts on the table — including such essentials in a story like this as the killer’s religion and his ties to terrorists. Media could also remind readers that not all American Muslims should be painted with the same brush (although they are reminded of this pretty often in any event). Oh, and of course the Fort Hood shootings were an act of terrorism (whether or not they were coordinated with Al-Qaeda) — so why do political-correctness-pushing columnists continue to insist that to refer to the massacre as such is a sin? Meanwhile, we are leaning more about the killer: Feds knew of killer’s radical ties. [NY Times]

ENGLISH LIBEL: Push to change British law gains push as internet litigators choose to sue in England. [Guardian]

FREE PAPER THEFT: When a fraternity took 10,000 papers, the newspaper fought back — in print. [Daily Wildcat]

ANTI-VIDEO KID: He plays in his treehouse, not in front of a computer. [Dubuque Times-Herald]


I’m on assignment for the next couple of days. Posts will resume on Friday.


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