Thursday Noon Update 11/5/09

NO PAY: At some newspapers, paywalls may never come. [Newsosaur]

Once upon a time, publishers coulda woulda shoulda charged for their content. But the web today is awash in sites offering free access to world news, national news, sports news, business news, entertainment news and, increasingly, local news produced by a growing host of start-ups. Further, an entire generation of those under the age of 30 has been conditioned to expect the news to be free.

While publishers ought be able to collect premium prices for unique and valuable content, most of them have whacked their news organizations to such a point that they produce very little original, premium product.Without an investment in creating valuable content – which most publishers can’t comfortably fund – most efforts to charge for content will shrink audiences and advertising revenues at a time publishers can least afford to lose them.

GOOGLE’S EYE: Consolidating dashboard infowhat Google knows about you. [BusinessWeek, Mashable]

WHO’S ON FIRST: Power Grid shows ranking in multi-media categories. [Mediate]

AUGMENTED REALITY: “Layering digital information onto the physical world.” [Poynter]

BECK AS OPRAH: Fox show is the new hot ticket on book-peddling circuit. [NY Times]


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