Thursday Evening Edition 11/5/09

FORT HOOD FEEDS: As this post goes up at 5:15ET, we’re monitoring live online coverage by CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC and AP. Unlike what’s running on cable, these are open feeds, so viewers get a good deal of what television would classify as dead air — but in most cases the audio stays live, so viewers hear the reporters and producers discussing the breaking story and their coverage plans.

WORLD SERIES MORONS: First, we had the Philadelphia Inquirer running a full-page Macy’s ad — ala Dewey beats Truman — celebrating the World Champion Phillies (after game 4); today, we have the NY Daily News mussing its collectior’s edition front-page with an ad sticker (which, when removed, leaves a mark on the front page).

Both are examples of oversized businesses which pigeonhole its employees instead of encouraging teamwork.

It is not likely that no one in the Inky’s pressroom noticed they were printing hundreds of thousands of copies with the wrong Macy’s ad. It’s equally inplausable that no one in the Daily News’ advertising, marketing and production departments recognized that they were about the p— off thousands of readers by destroying their front pages.

If I’m wrong on either count, both Inky and the Daily Snooze should start looking for new employees. If I’m right, they need new managers — pronto.

UK EMPLOYEES ARE OWNERS: They’ll run their Scottish weekly. [Greenslade Blog]

EUROPEAN RIGHTS: Internet and telecom users get ’em. [AFP]

SOCIAL MEDIA: Makes us social! [Seattle PI]


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