Tuesday Noon Update 11/3/09

CATHOLIC-TIMES WAR: Archbishop slams the Old Lady. [NY Post]

FREE SPEECH FARCE: Jews under attack in Venezuela. [Jerusalem Post]

TV AND CHILD VIOLENCE: Study finds correlation. [Albany Times-Union]

Toddlers who watch a lot of television exhibit more aggressive behaviors such as fighting, disobeying, hitting and angry moods.

Pediatrics academy urges a two-hour cap to kid use of TV and computer; for children under 2 — no TV for you.

th 1102-front-pic

WE ALL ALL DUBUQERS: Iowa newspaper highlights its city’s bloggers. [Times Herald]

IRRELEVANT: Real Estate agents discount newspapers. [Real Estate Web]

TIMES CHANGE: Let’s put media madness in perspective. [LJ World]

The oldest known accounts of the civilization were expressed by pressing marks into a clay tablet. Those who devoted their life to interpreting the patterns were held in high esteem, trusted as the only source in which the ruling class could record and recount a history. The ancient Egyptians used inks and papers as well as the Chinese. The common man and woman was illiterate, trusting that the interpretations of the scribes were true.

Get where this is heading?

NOT FOR NEWS JUNKIES ONLY: The Newseum in Washington. [CP]

TEXAS TRIBUNE IS BORN: Non-profit model launches today.


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