Tuesday Evening Edition 11/3/09

BREAKING — BUSH V. CLINTON: Former presidents will debate at Radio City Music Hall. [NY Post]

FUTURE OF NEWS: “There may not be one.” [Harvard Gazette]

If there is, newsgathering might require taking steps that go against the grain of newsroom ethics and tradition, with armies of untrained citizen journalists, for instance, or government funding that sets up a conflict of interest.

NOT SO BAD: Internationally, journalism crisis hasn’t hit. [The Linc]

COPYRIGHT: German Chancellor suggests internet enforcement. [Tech Dirt]

MEDIA MOGULS: Interview with The Curse of the Mogul co-author Johathan Knee. [Time]

Media moguls look like geniuses because they only talk about the deals that went well. The best example of that is when [News Corp. CEO Rupert] Murdoch bought MySpace — everyone talked about MySpace and how smart that was. But several weeks apart from MySpace News Corp. spent even more money on an Internet game company called IGN that nobody’s ever heard of since. If you only count the ones that look successful it’s easy to be a genius.

WSJ STAFFS UP: Prepares for launch of New York edition. [NY Tines]

NEWSROOM FISTICUFFS: Wash Post editor asks, why all the fuss? [Politico]

PAYWALLS: MediaNews to erect them at two newspapers. [Editor & Publisher]



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