Monday Morning Edition 11/2/09

TRUDEAU TWEETS: New medium for “Doonesbury.” Character Roland Hedley writes: “I hate America. There, I just said in 15 characters what Frank Rich needed 9,982 characters to say in his column today.” [Washington Post]

NY METRO RISES: It’s number 5 among all US dailies. [Press release via Reuters]

ONLINE ‘PROMISCUITY’: Wall Street Journal chief, in News Corp’s continuing assault on free internet, said Google’s search chief “unintentionally encourages promiscuity” and “disloyalty to creators” of content. [Guardian]

DON’T CRY FOR ME, KEN AULETTA: Traditional media had its chance and blew it. [Poynter]

When I hear people in traditional media today whine about, ‘Oh, woe is me, they’re doing these terrible things,’ I have no sympathy for that at all.

Auletta’s new book, “Googled, The End of the World as We Know It,” is published tomorrow. Video from C-Span this weekend:


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