Monday Evening Edition 11/2/09

iTUNES TV: Forget cable. Don’t worry about Hulu. Here’s Steve Jobs’ answer. [Media Memo]

AN ENTREPRENEURIAL FUTURE: “We don’t yet know what the market will demand and support from journalism,” says Jeff Jarvis. “News will look disordered and messy. There will be more failures than successes in the immediate future of news.” [Buzz Machine]

This is not the discussion we hear about the fate of news journalism. That discussion defaults too often to current models and old realities, to protection over creation, to fear over opportunity.

“Journalists must become entrepreneurs. They don’t all need to be sole proprietors of hypersomething blogs, but they need to make smart business decisions when they decide where to put their effort. They need to sense and serve the market. They need to work with innovators.

They need to see a future for journalism that looks different – better, even – than its past.

“The future of news is entrepreneurial.”

R. CUMB’S ILLUSTRATED GENESIS: He talks about it today on NPR. “The stories themselves are so strange … it stands on its own as a lurid comic book.” How did he decide how to draw God? “I had a dream.” Link includes first chapter plus audio of today’s interview.


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