Friday Morning Edition 10/30/09

REPORTER BOLTS FOR BLOG: A newspaper’s video bids farewell to a staffer who’s leaving the print world — moving from The Brooklyn Paper to Gothamist.comVideo. [Brooklyn Paper]


DIGITAL INFANTS: We’ve got a long way to go, and we shouldn’t presume the path is set. Says Newsweek editor Jon Meacham:

When we are looking at the digital delivery of the printed word, we are kind of where the Sony Cassette Walkman was. There will be, I think, an interim step that will be a CD Walkman. And then it seems to me there’s going to be an iPod. [NY Magazine]

Another example: Another example: Remember tethered GPS devices? We may still use them, but who will be buying them in the future? [NY Times]


LEGAL ACTION: Law school slams illegal downloads, threatens to send student IDs to copyright owners. [NY Post]

DEFENDING NET NEUTRALITY: It guarantees free speech online. [Media Shift]

Many countries already openly violate the principle of internet neutrality by blocking access to online publications that displease them.

CIRC NUMBERS: Reason for optimism? Don’t get your hopes up. [Franklin Center]


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