Thursday Morning Edition 10/29/09

BEFORE FOX V. OBAMA: When FDR took on the Fourth Estate, it wasn’t pretty. [Slate via Eric]


TERROR PLOT NO JOKE: Chicago arrests in plot to kill Muhammad cartoonist [Times of London]. Danish cartoonist defiant [AP via Chicago Tribune]. Video report on Chicago arrests [ABC 7 Chicago]. Excerpts from South Park’s classic “Family Guy” “Cartoon Wars” episodes: Cartoon Jihad and Sand Idea v. defending free speech (including links to full episodes).

MICROSCOPIC COMICS: As the size and quantity of cartoon continue to shrink along with their newspapers’ circulation, the internet provides a level playing field that gives “upstarts with a drawing program equal chances for the public’s attention as experienced artists.” Also: Where have all the comics gone? [L]

BLACK TUESDAY: 80 years ago today. [Chicago Sun-Times]


BROOKLYN POSTIES: The Brooklyn Paper will be inserted into copies of the New York Post in selected Brooklyn neigbhorhoods. The Brooklyn Paper is one of about 30 weeklies in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx that the Post bought in recent years; it’s the only one now being inserted. [Brooklyn Paper]

The Brooklyn Paper is New York City’s first successful free newspaper (founded by Coney Media creator Ed Weintrob), and it remains free — although to get a copy with a Post, readers will have to pay 50 cents for the Post.

“This is what we call a classic win-win,” said Celia Weintrob, publisher of The Brooklyn Paper. “Post readers already enjoy the best newspaper in the city — but now they’ll be getting the best local paper in Brooklyn, too.”

WHERE WE’RE HEADING: Google Maps Navigator, an early review. [Mashable]

UNITED BREAKS GUITARS: After 5.8 million YouTube views, United Airline is one sorry company. (When David Carroll’s video hit 50,000 views, United issued a statement referring to it a “a unique learning opportunity.”) Now Carroll is a hit on the customer service lecture circuit, and United is still losing his luggage. [NY Times]


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