Thursday Evening Edition 10/29/09

‘WE ARE ALL MEDIA’: “While traditional media outlets struggle over a sustainable business model, we must shed the old definition of ‘media’.” [USA Today]

PAYDAY AT TEXAS STARTUP: There’s concern that newbie efforts funded by philanthopists may be spending like there’s no tomorrow — or spending in a sky’s the limit way public TV’s biggest stations spend. Texas Tribune, launching on Monday, is paying its editor $315,000 a year (15th graph). [Austin Chronicle via Romenesko]

LESS THAN DAILY: Two more papers — small ones in Minnesota — are dropping one weekday. [Editor & Publisher]

FACEBOOK VIRUSES: Be alert. [Mashable]

PUBLIC BENEFIT: Baltimore suspends — for two years — Jewish Times’ principal payments on a city relocation loan. [Baltimore Sun]

WSJ QUITS BOSTON: 9 reporters out as Journal closes bureau. [BusinessWeek]

MAKING THE PAPERS: George Jefferson does his own PR in a bid for press coverage — then a reporter finds a different story. From TV archives:


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