Wednesday Noon Update 10/28/09

MEDIA TITANS: Arianna Huffington is today’s Katherine Graham. [National Journal]

Can anyone seriously argue that this isn’t a magnificent time for readers who can surf the net, use search engines, and go to news aggregators to access the best stories from countless sources around the world — stories that are up-to-the-minute, not rolled out once a day?

PHOTO COPIES: Can’t stop ’em, don’t try. [Tech Dirt]

HARVARD THINK: Roundtable on media future. [Harvard Crimson]

We know the old model is broken. The people that come up with the solutions will be the people that are going to be influential in our generation.

LOCAL NEWS: Media execs should “worry less about delivery platforms and more about cementing a reputation of being indispensable as local watchdogs for the public.” [USA Today]

POSTIES TWEAK TIMES STAFF: Stirring dissent over a “self-promotional” reporter who’s “a very divisive person in the newsroom.” [NY Post]

ZELL ON TRIBUNE’S FUTURE: “”You can’t look back.” Link to YouTube video. [Bloomberg]

NEWSPAPER TERROR: Arrests in Chicago in Mohammad cartoon plot. [ABC 7 Chicago]


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