Wednesday Morning Edition 10/28/09


“Even if the Titanic came in safely to New York Harbor, it was still doomed,” he said. “Twelve years earlier, two brothers invented the airplane.”

Click here to read NY Magazine’s Daily Intel interview


LATE NIGHT WOMEN: Out of the David Letterman scandal comes word that of about 50 comedy writers feeding material to late night TV hosts, none are women. [Vanity Fair]

BIG TIMES: Interesting data revealed in NY Times buyout kit — including a complete list of all staff positions by department. [NY Observer]

Combing through the 61-page list—with roughly 46 names per page—the size of the New York Times, depending on your perspective, seems either impressive or absolutely mind-boggling.

CHICAGO THOUGHTS: Is non-profit competition fair game? [Temple Talk]

FRENCH FREEBEE: 30,000 people have signed up for government-subsidized newspaper. [NY Times]

RECONNECTING: Facebook resurrects old links, with some problematic results. [Mashable]

NEW IN WISCONSIN: The “little paper that could.” [Fox 11]

‘FAMILY GUY’ FLAME OUT: Microsoft says its decision not to sponsor a ‘Family Guy’ special was made after it realized “the content was not a fit with the Windows brand” … after seeing a tape that included, according to Variety, “typical ‘Family Guy’ style jokes, including riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest.” [Computer World]  Windows trailer:


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