Tuesday Noon Update 10/27/09

Editor as star: “Kai Diekmann, the head of Bild, the gigantic German newspaper, is a journalistic celebrity of a sort we don’t have here:

“Utterly charming, lustily egotistical, brashly opinionated, infuriating to those he infuriates (a friend of mine calls him Germany’s Roger Ailes), beloved to his fans, witty, quick, clever, innovative, and never afraid of the spotlight … Now he has a blog. And a store … The guy has balls. And he’s getting attention, which surely is the goal.

“I can’t imagine Bill Keller or Marcus Brauchli doing this, can you? Not even Alan Rusbridger or Will Lewis. Not even the editor of the New York Post (who’s he?).” [BuzzMachine]


Diekmann reminds us of Gersh Kuntzman (pictured) at  The Brooklyn Paper. Gersh personalizes his editorship, using a Flip to document such antics as those seen in these linked videos: taking a dump for a storycovering snow on a budget; riding a new bike lane, and immodestly accepting the SNA’s Editor of the Year award (start video around 1:17).

Giving up on Web ads: What’s left for newspapers if they surrender online revenue? [Media Nation]

Not so bad: How newspapers spin their decline. [Gawker] Also: For the rare winners, reasons to crow. [Editor & Publisher]

Wall Street’s Paywall: The Journal begins charging for business news on its iPhone and Blackberry apps. Even print and Web subscribers must pay. [Editor & Publisher]

BN’S Nook: A peculiar launch for an e-reader that doesn’t satisfy user or publisher complaints, and that won’t be sold in most BN retail stores. [Paid Content]

Good news down under: Aussie newspaper analyst is upbeat. [SFN]

The Chicago Way: Obama as gangster … or as Hugo Chavez. From Fox:


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