Tuesday Evening Edition 10/27/09

THINK FRESH OR DIE: Publishers who think their businesses are going to live or die according to the number of bellybuttons they can deliver probably will see their businesses die.” [Newsosaur]

Despite the obvious, long-running decline in circulation penetration, an amazing number of otherwise intelligent newspaper executives have been spending entirely too much time trying to spin audience numbers instead of acting to save what’s left of their rapidly wasting franchises.

MORE EXCUSES: Newspapers explain the bad news. Where’s the real news? [Reuters Blog]

FACE-TO-FACE: Combatting the curse of e-mail. [MacWorld]

WAVE BROS: Geniuses behind Google’s Wave. [CNN]

FORBES LAYOFFS: Fewer capitalist tools. [NY Times]

LONDON FREEBEES: Consolidation looms. [Newspaper Innovation]

MICROSOFT’S COLD FEET: Won’t sponsor “Family Guy” special. With video clips. [Gawker]

Variety reports that three days after crowing about its new Seth MacFarlane deal to the world, it pulled the plug after getting a look at the content, which included “riffs on deaf people, the Holocaust, feminine hygiene and incest,” the company pulled out of the project.

DON’T CRY FOR ME, CUPERTINO: NY Times’ David Pogue sings about Apple’s Jobs, on YouTube:



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