Monday Noon Update 10/26/09

ADVERTISING V. MARKETING: “There is a huge difference.” A Web site is a advertising, “But it’s like advertising in the middle of a newspaper which is never opened. If no one goes there, what’s the sense?” [Bruce Wood]

Obama Nation

BATTON LASH’S NEW STRIP: Our beloved creator of “Supernatural Law” as teamed up with James Hudnall on“Obama Nation,” a new strip that began this weekend.

IF YOU WANT TO BE A VIDEO STAR: Here’s some advice. [LA Times]

GEO CITIES: RIP. [Mashable]

BANNING SOCIAL MEDIA: Bad corporate policy. [Socialnomics]

FREE HELP: NY Times recruits citizen journalists. Cover community meetings — for free. [NY Times]

LONDON BIRTHDAY: City AM, free business newspaper, celebrates 1,000 issues.

YOU’RE BEING HACKED: Trailer for “H*Commerce: The Business of Hacking You.”


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