Monday Morning Edition 10/26/09

HOWARD STERN, LEADER: Into the future, onto the Web! [Buzz Machine] Here’s Howard’s spiel:

Tomorrow I could go on the internet and start my own channel with my own subscribers. You’d be able to click and watch us on TV, watch us in the studio live, streaming. You’d be able to listen to us streaming. You’d be able to get us on your iPhone. You’d be able to do everything right at the click of the internet. I wouldn’t even need to work for a company. I’d be my own company … So true it’s ridiculous.

A REPORTER’S LIFE … AFTER NEWSPAPERS: “We all work for ourselves, answerable to no one but ourselves.” [Washington Post]


AFTER THE REBOUND: What should newspapers expect in the coming recovery? Tough choices, that’s what. [Editor & Publisher]

ONLINE RALLY: It may bypass newspaper Web sites. [NY Times]

Newspaper sites are the patent-leather stilettos of the online world: they get used for special occasions, but other shoes get much more daily wear.


WHITE HOUSE & THE PRESS: Fox isn’t the first combatant. “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” opens with JFK speaking about the Herald-Tribune in 1962; angered by perceived bias toward his administration by the Republican daily, JFK cancelled 22 White House subscriptions. Then:

  • George Will comes to Fox’s defense (at 1:07): “No president in the history of this republic has less reason to complain about his treatment in the press than Barack Obama.
  • Laura Ingraham (at 2:12): “When [ABC anchor] Charlie Gibson didn’t know what the Acorn story was all about, that was a collective gasp you heard across the United States.”
  • Al Hunt (at 3:29): “I wouldn’t want to get into an alley fight with Roger Ailes … If I was advising [the White House], I’d tell them to call time out.”


SEEN ON TWITTER: Trendy Manhattan eatery gets the word out as bold name patrons come in for lunch. [NY Post]

CHEAP SUBS: Newspapers complain that they’re broke, yet they’re practically giving their papers away. [Temple Talk]


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