Thursday Evening Edition 10/22/09

NET NEUTRALITY RULES: FCC today approved its “open Internet” standards. Now the fight begins. [San Francisco Chronicle]

NON-PROFIT NY TIMES: Reflection on the Old Lady’s Chicago Plan, which was announced today. [Media Nation]

ACORN SLOW TO FALL: Group has its defenders, including a Philadelphia columnist. [Philadelphia Daily News]  Also: Debate over edited tape. [Wall Street Journal]


NEWSDAY ANOMALY: Newsday’s announcement this morning that asks $5 a month from those who don’t subscribe to either its newspaper or its online cable service prompted Alan Mutter to remind that Newsday is not a typical case.

The newspaper is hedging its bets by taking advantage of its unique position as a division of the predominant cable television provider on Long Island by continuing to give free access to the newspaper website to those who not only subscribe to the print edition but also use the cable service to access the Internet.

This neat trick is beyond the capabilities of most other publishers, who generally don’t own the cable systems in the markets they serve.

If nothing else, this “may provide a good reason for enterprising publishers to take the manager of the local cable system to lunch.” [Newsosaur]

Ed’s view: With Newsday’s reported market penetration (75 percent together with its cable system) it might be that the best Newsday can hope for is a few dollars from out-of-area surfers — the flybys referred by Google who are, to some degree, artificially inflating its Web numbers.


PARTY! Hosting a Windows 7 Torrenting Party. [Funny or Die]

YouTube version is unavailable. Click here.


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