Wednesday Noon Update 10/21/09

BREAKING — ACORN SAGA CONTINUES: Breitbart released its Philadelphia Acorn video this morning, again catching Acorn — and mainstream media — with their pants down. Remember when a good newspaper series would leave ’em hanging — and bring them back day after day? Breitbart remembers. This story continues. With video. [Breitbart]  We’ll link to coverage of the new video in our Evening Edition.

TMZ SEIZURE ‘CHILLING’: Gossip site at forefront of press freedom fight. [Washington Post]

OHIO PORN: Child safety law is too vague. [Dayton Daily News]

PRESS WORKERS SQUEEZED: News publishers in Europe are under union fire for demanding pay freezes “at gun point.” [Print Week]

Never miss the opportunity of a good crisis.

BOOK WAR: How will price cuts affect indies? [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

15 MINUTES NOT ENOUGH: Americans crave fame. [Bradenton Herald]

OPRAH WATCHES HER BASE: She’ll plug Palin book to keep right field satisfied. [Washington Post]

‘PROGRESSIVES’ AS ‘SLAVE OWNERS’: Glenn Beck is a  phenomenal performer.


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