Wednesday Evening Edition 10/21/09

THIS IS HYPER LOCAL: From rural Greenport, NY. [Register-Star, via Eric]  Also: It works! [Wall Street Journal]

FREE PAPER ADDS WEB TV: See “City’s” new Web site, watch its TV reportFrom Italy, in Italian. [City via Newspaper Innovation]

GOOGLE’S CHALLENGE TO iTUNES: Launch set for Oct. 28. [Tech Crunch]

LATEST ON ACORN’S PHILADELPHIA STING: From Fox News. At mid-afternoon, other mainstream media had apparently not yet picked up this story (which broke this morning). Even — Web site of Philadelphia’s two daily newspapers — had nothing on its site. Also: “America, Acorn lied to you.” Filmmakers hold press conference. Video report. [Fox via Breitbart]



[NY Magazine, reposted from Tuesday Morning Edition]


Also: It originates with news agencies and Twitter, not newspapers. [Guardian]


ROTTEN APPLES: Compromised integrity is a media curse. “Entire segments of journalism — mainstream media — are corrupt.” [Monday Note]

I know a journalist, working for a major women’s magazine, who is so deluged with free stuff that she has to organize a private sale twice a year to clear her closets; I know sports reporters who feel “so close” to their beat that they refuse to explore controversial chemistry or money issues; I know tech reporters who are literally warehousing software and computer games and who have not bought a single PC in ten years.

And then there are the reporters covering the auto industry “who call an automaker’s PR department to get a car for a weekend escape with their girlfriend, or are flown to Tunisia to test a new model (four days, five star accommodation).”

This is a problem that won’t go away. Media is “increasingly subject to a soft form of corrupting pressure by merchants. [Now] PR, marketers and other intermediaries are lusting for the blogosphere. Think about it: thousands of blogs, most of them written by penniless amateurs, not bound by any ethical rules — it’s a dream come true for the flack crowd.”

This will ruffle some feathers among digital libertarians but, clumsy as it was, the FTC directive (81-page PDF attached) had the merit of shedding light on unacceptable practices plaguing the blogosphere.


ANYTHING FOR A SCOOP: Fast talk from “His Gal Friday.” If you pine for the Good Old Days of Fair and Balanced (honest) news coverage, be sure to view from 4:00. From the archives:


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