Tuesday Noon Update 10/20/09

NEWSPAPERS ARE SO OVER: They’re the “most wildly anachronistic products of the 21st century.” [Marketing Web]

Technologically, the modern full-colour newspaper is a wonder. The problem is that nobody really wants it anymore…

And newspapers are no longer just newspapers since accountants and the like transformed them into money-making instruments whose primary objective was to print as much advertising as possible and serve as carriers for an endless stream of leaflets, catalogues, flyers and advertising supplements.

For the poor old customer who just wants to read the news, this whole grab-bag of printed paraphernalia does not make the product attractive. But it does make a computer screen — if not a cell phone screen – seem like a clean and attractive alternative.


THE GOOD OLD BOOK: After yesterday’s news of R. Crumb’s rendering of the Book of Genesis, here’s another ambitious Bible project — a rendering of the Old Testament in graphic novel form. This version plays far more liberally with the text than does Crumb’s; as with Crumb’s book, it’s not something you’re likely to find in the library of an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue. “The Comic Torah: Reimagining the Very Good Book,” devotes one page to each of the Old Testament’s 49 chapters.

READY TO JUMP IN BOSTON: The Herald wants to erect an online paywall, but “if the Globe doesn’t do it, then it would be hard for us to do it,” its publisher says. [Boston Globe]  Also: Some NY Times readers are ready to pay. [NY Observer]

CONTINUING DECLINE: For newspapers and magazines, ad fall is expected to continue through 2011, reports Zenith Optimedia. [Media Post]

HATE FOX? Here’ s a blog for you. (“We watch Fox so you don’t have to.”) [Newshounds]

GLENN BECK: Proclaiming “net neutrality” a threat to free speech, Professor Beck goes to the blackboard to show how President Obama wants to quash the Internet, use tax dollars to subsidize left-wing newspapers, suppress free speech and control American minds. “They’re coming after Fox, they’re coming after me.” What’s behind Curtain Number 1? (9 minutes)


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