Tuesday Evening Edition 10/20/09

‘PRIVATE’ TWEETS ARE PUBLIC: A Google search will find them. [Mashable]

INTERNET BRAIN POWER: Web said to aid seniors’ memory. [Science Centric]

PHONE LOGS: Concern over seizure by sheriff of TMZ records. “This is like ‘Chinatown.’ It’s disgusting they would do something like this. How do you protect sources? It goes to the core of freedom of the press.” [LA Times]

bat lash 2

Batton Lash

NEVER GIVE UP: An article on Webcomics argues — or appears to argue — that the ability of creative people, like cartoonists, to win respect and money online is so very difficult … why not just give up? [Comic Space]

“It’s difficult to make a living in any art form,” writes Joey Manley. “There are 20,000 wannabe actors who are still waiting tables at the age of 40 for every one Brad Pitt … standing over by the credenza, hands clasped behind their backs, dreaming of what might have been, and wondering if they should recommend the chicken tonight, or the fish.”

You might even say that no actor ever succeeds, because the ones who do are such a small subset as to be statistically insignificant. And that’s a multi-billion dollar industry with an established business model and a proven pathway to success.

Same with music. Same with television. Same with, oh, I don’t know, mime. Same with every other art form you can name. Webcomics? Pah. You might as well give up.

In the end, the author does not surrender. Neither did Batton Lash (pictured), the artist who sent us the link. Lash’s Supernatural Law began as “Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre,” in The Brooklyn Paper in 1978, and is now published online. Here’s the opening panel of a recent Supernatural Law series:


NEWSPAPER TV: After the collapse of the Las Vegas Sun‘s 702.TV, the outlook is poor. [Poynter]  Also: Archive posts from Poynter on the start and finish of of 702.TV, which lasted only four months.

GUN POWER: Naked Emperor News and Breitbart are keeping up their assult, running a 2008 video of presidential economic adviser (called an Obama “czar” in the video) Ron Bloom in which Bloom says: “The free market is nonsense … we kinda agree with Mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.”


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