Friday Noon Update 10/16/09

MURDOCH HIT FOR LEFTY SUPPORT: Improbable as it may seem in a media world obsessed with Glenn Beck, Rupert Murdoch may be coddling notorious radicals! Accuracy In Media hits News Corp for hiring “a left-wing cop-killer apologist, Marc Lamont Hill, as a well-paid on-air contributor,” and for publishing ’60s radical Mark Rudd’s memoir. [PR Newswire]

NEWS CORP: At News Corp’s annual shareholder meeting this morning, Murdoch said:

• • •   • • •   • • •

EXPLODING BALLOON: It’s not the Hitler Diaries, but it is possibly shaping up as another media mega hoax. [ABC]  Also: Father denies hoax [ABC], Anne Frank + Balloon Boy = Slacktivism [Foreign Policy] and this wasn’t your typical hot air balloon [NY Daily News]

YOUR RIGHT TO SURF: It’s a human right in France, a legal right in Finland. [LA Times]

CLOUD COMPUTING: Its psychological impact worries The Tech Shrink. [Computerworld]

My unease lies in what cloud computing may mean to us as psychological and emotional beings… So much of who are and what we have would be held at a distance from us.

We would become less whole and more fragmented. And we could actually lose a large part of ourselves temporarily, if we lost our Internet connection or, more scarily, permanently…

Of course, whether in a computer or a cloud, the reality is that data is still just a bunch of bits, but my concerns aren’t about reality, but rather about our perceptions connected to that reality…

Just the thought of a cloud, so ephemeral and insubstantial, makes me feel vulnerable. Of course, it’s irrational, but that’s not the point. The point is not just what makes our data most objectively secure, but also what puts us most subjectively at ease.

ID THEFT GUARD: A student is developing a Firefox plug-in to blow whistles on phishers. [Daily Iowan]

HILARY’S CONAN-BOOKER FIX: After the Secretary of State mediates the late night dispute (below), Newark Mayor Cory Booker will appear on the Conan O’Brien show. [CBS] Tonight, 11:35 pm ET, NBC.


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