Friday Morning Edition 10/16/09

CATALOGS KEEP COMING: Because — even though it’s the Internet age — they still work. [Wall Street Journal]

ANYONE CAN MAKE A MISTAKE: A health insurer reportedly sent 97,000 brochures to Iowa seniors asking them to call for more information about its products. But the printed phone number was off by two digits — leading callers to a steamy sex line, and creating a promotional opportunity for a local ad agency. [Insight Advertising]

CHECK YOUR TRADEMARK: An Olympic example. [LA Times]

UK LIBEL: Law firm acts to quash Parliamentary debate over the “super injunction” that imploded last week under a Twitter assault. []

COLLEGES IN WEB SIGHTS: Having decimated the newspaper industry, the Internet’s next victim may be traditional colleges. [Christian Science Monitor]  Also: Education by iPod. [Independent]

Students starting school this year may be part of the last generation for which ‘going to college’ means packing up, getting a dorm room, and listening to tenured professors. Undergraduate education is on the verge of a radical reordering. Colleges, like newspapers, will be torn apart by new ways of sharing information enabled by the Internet.

WHAT ‘PEOPLE ALSO READ’: You’ve seen it on lots of sites — next to an article you’ve read, there’s an automatically generated box telling you, “People Who Read This Article Also Read…” Sometimes, the juxtapositions are … well, interesting. Take this story about a government employee at the National Science Foundation who spent 331 days looking at pornography while at work. It’s a pretty straightforward news story (based on a Washington Times exclusive) that was accompanied last night on the Fox News site by these “also read” headlines: Teen Chops Off Father’s Hands for Alleged Abuse; 2 Men Killed Execution-Style at Mexican Beach ResortChicago Cops Tighten Security After Student Beating; Beauty Queen Resigns After Lingerie Fraud; Homeless Sex Offenders Directed to Woods. [Fox News, Washington Times]

FUN THEORY: How can we apply this to our businesses, to our lives? via Alison


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