Friday Evening Edition 10/16/09

TED TURNER WANTS NEWSPAPERS TO DIE: And die quickly, before they destroy the planet. [last paragraph, Hollywood Reporter]

“You’re chopping all these trees down and making paper out of them and trying to deal with all the waste paper. It’s the biggest solid waste problem that we have.”

BALLOON BOY FAMILY: Totally bizarre. “Now, like Balloon Boy, we all want to barf.” So, do you think yesterday’s chase was a hoax? (See today’s Noon Update) Link includes several videos. [Entertainment Weekly]

SOCIAL MEDIA: 5 ways it’s changing our lives. [Mashable]

NPR RULES: What staff can and cannot say and do on social media networks. [NPR]

GOOGLE BOOKS: Challenge to Amazon. [Times Online]

Google Editions will for the first time allow the company to make money out of one of its book ventures — which also include a controversial project to scan and index tens of millions of books through partnerships with libraries… Google would give publishers 63 per cent of revenues and keep 37 per cent for itself where it sold e-books directly to consumers.

Also: Google profit up 27%, pleasing Wall Street. [LA Times] and Amazon counters Wal-Mart book push. [Wall Street Journal]

PERSONALIZED NEWSPAPER:A concept that stalled at the gate in America (several years ago) is coming to Germany next month. [Spiegel Online]

NEWS CORP MEETING: Our Noon Update included breaking news from this morning’s annual shareholders meeting. Here’s a more complete report. [Hollywood Reporter]

MORE TURNER: Ted wishes he was back at CNN — running his baby along with the Cartoon Network, where he’d push environmentally-sensitive cartoons. [Bloomberg, third paragraph Hollywood Reporter]

“If I had control of it, I’d put ‘Captain Planet’ on at a top time period so that kids would see the environmental superhero instead of just Superman.” [Entertainment Weekly]

He also denounced newspapers (see top story above), but that comment didn’t make this clip posted by Bloomberg:



To predict the future of newspapers, follow the decline of paid porn


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