Thursday Noon Update 10/15/09

MADE UP NEWS: The British tabloids will buy anything. Filmmakers go undercover to expose tab sham. [Guardian]  Also: “Star Suckers” movie trailer.

From video embedded in Guardian story:

If it’s funny, it’s not too nasty, if you have a name and a telephone number, they will print your story and they will give you money for it…

What I found fascinating about making this film is exactly how little truth there is in the tabloid press. Everything’s about entertainment and making people laugh and a story that’s going to sell, and absolutely nothing whatsoever is about the truth.

AUSCHWITZ ON FACEBOOK: “There is only one thing worse than Auschwitz itself … and that is if the world forgets there was such a place.” [Guardian]

COOL SPACE: MySpace is pushing back. [Wall Street Journal]

COLD FEET ON VIDEO: Newspapers keep pulling back on video, despite evidence it’s the future. [Poynter]

REPORTER INTERACTION: Mixing it up with commenters. It’s about time. [Tech Dirt]

NEW ATLANTIC: The magazine thinks about the future of magazines, and walks the walk. [Media Blog]

NY MAGAZINE: Who’ll own it, after Bruce Wasserstein’s death. [NY Observer]

PRIORITIES: The man in this European newspaper commercial appears to have his priorities straight. From the archives.


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