Thursday Morning Edition 10/15/09

APPLE TABLET WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING: It exists only in the rumor mills of cyberspace, but when Apple finally releases its long-anticipated tablet computer — possibly sometime next year — everything (repeat, everything) will change. The Internet will no longer be “a destination, someplace you ‘go to.’ You don’t ‘get on the Internet,’ you’re always on it. It’s just there, like the air you breathe.” [Newsweek]

Imagine a larger form factor, with a screen big enough to hold multiple panes of information. It has no lag time and lasts many hours on a battery charge. Here, then, is your new morning newspaper, with videos next to stories and the ability to customize the panes to deliver what you want and leave out what you don’t. This device is also your TV, your stereo, and probably your telephone too.

For people like me, who produce content, this change is both great and scary. Great because the techies in Silicon Valley are giving us powerful new tools for telling stories. Scary because the old ways of telling stories are about to become obsolete, and if we cling to them, we’ll be washed away.

WSJ IS NUMBER 1: Passes USA Today. [Ad Age]  Also: Is WSJ bleeding cash? [Gawker]

INTERNET USE: It’s up to 68 hours per month, according to Nielsen, which also reports lots of other stats. [Mashable]

TIMES KEEPS GLOBE: Won’t sell Boston daily. [Boston Globe]

STAR-LEDGER OPTIMISM: New editor upbeat despite continuing cuts. [Editors Weblog]

KIDNAPPED: The Onion says 93 percent of newspapers are purchased by kidnappers to prove dates in ransom demands. Satire. [Onion via Eric]



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