Wednesday Noon Update 10/14/09

IS SOCIAL MEDIA BAD FOR OUR CHILDREN? Get used to it. “For better or worse, social media is the rock ‘n’ roll of the arly 21st century generation.” [Telegraph]

It’s the F word question that all parents now dread. “Can I go on Facebook?”

FREE SPEECH CHALLENGE: Roy Greenslade considers the “super injunction,” as gag order is lifted and UK media is again free to cover Parliamentary debates. [London Evening Standard]

AFTER THE SALE: Bloomberg’s chief content officer is upbeat in a Q&A. [Paid Content]

GOOGLE WAVE: Excitement builds with “Notifier” add-on available on Firefox. [Mashable]

MICROPAYMENT: Bitcents option. [Editors Weblog]

SATURDAY IS SUNDAY: Another metro is replacing its anemic Saturday edition with an “early Sunday” edition (at least on newsstands). Media blogger opines, “I’ve long viewed Sunday papers as an anachronism of a more churchgoing age.” [MinnPost]

‘FIRST THEY CAME FOR FOX’: Glenn Beck inferred that his critics — presumably including President Obama — are “dictators.” He compared his situation with that of Jews during the Holocaust. [Mediaite]

Ask yourself this question: When they are done with Fox and you decide to speak out on something … the old, “first they came for the Jews and I wasn’t Jewish.”

Do you really believe that after he takes out the number one news network … do you really think that this man is not then going to turn on you? … If you believe that, you should open up a history book. Because you’ve missed the point of many brutal dictators. You miss the point of how they always start.

Here’s the audio, via YouTube:


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