Wednesday Morning Edition 10/14/09

BLOGGER LOSES UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: NY State says writing a blog is running a business — making its author ineligible for unemployment benefits. About $33 a month in Google AdSense revenue cost an out-of-work lawyer $450 a week in support. [Forbes]

MOM WANTS TO KNOW: In a challenge to the confidentiality of free speech online, she’s suing to learn the identity of a commenter on a newspaper Web site. [Chicago Tribune]

NO TV FOR TODDLERS: Australia wants to protect their little brains. [Guardian]

MEDIA MOGULS: Can you guess who’s good and who’s bad? [Washington Post]


SNITCH AND YOU’RE A DEAD MAN: In a column prompted by the killing of 16-year-old Derrion Albert outside his Chicago school, John W. Fountain writes in the Chicago Tribune:

It isn’t that people don’t want to tell. They do. And it isn’t that they aren’t concerned about their neighborhoods. They are. But to come forward is to risk everything, even in a world where “safety” is always relative.

In poor black neighborhoods, we have seen the revolving door of criminal justice. We have come to understand that there is a new breed of serial killer — young men who kill and kill and kill again. And we also know this: that when the feds seek witnesses in high-profile cases to bring down notorious mobsters and crime families, they at least have the good sense to offer witness protection. They understand what’s at risk for those who come forward…

Why would one think that losing their life for having been brave enough to speak out might somehow make the difference? Why wouldn’t they simply become like the scores of murder victims whose names don’t even make the newspaper’s police blotter?

Also: In Philadelphia, a gunshot victim defies the inner-city code of silence. [Philadelphia Weekly]

YOU’RE KILLING ME: If you thought the tone couldn’t get any worse at Fox and MSNBC, watch this 28 second clip of Chris Matthews. He’s laughing; should we be laughing too?

Also: Limbaugh threatens to sue over slavery quotes:


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