Wednesday Evening Edition 10/14/09

SLY AS A FOX: Roger Ailes has been pushing Obama’s number and the White House should let it go to voice mail. Instead, writes John Batchelor, the president’s people are giving Fox “an attention around the globe not achieved since Walter Cronkie’s moon-landing moment.” [Daily Beat]

What’s worse than stupid about the conspiracy theory that Fox News is a pachyderm is that it is wrong. Fox News has nothing to do with the Republican Party or its dreary state…

[But it] is joyously good at what it means to be — a popular platform for its advertisers…

The decision by the golden-hearted crank Bill O’Reilly to attack the warm-hearted crank Glenn Beck over the latter’s swine flu denial spiel (see Thursday Morning Blast 10/1/09) is at once first-rate showbiz and slapstick teamwork. Not since Abbott and Costello have two guys in suits, one tall and impatient, the other chubby-cheeked and childlike, had more fun debating “I Don’t Know’s on Third.”…

The worst mistake [the White Hosue makes] by confusing Fox News with the Republican Party is that they are confusing campaigning with entertaining and then letting this mistake blind them to the fact that the White House is for governing, not just staging.

Fox News is not in the news business; it’s in show business. The Republican Party, like its blood kin the Democratic Party, is in the campaign business. The White House is in the government business, though, from the evidence so far, it doesn’t know how to break out of the campaign business.

MURDOCH LOVES GOOGLE: Despite what you heard out of Beijing, Murdoch’s minions are feeding the Google monster, not blocking it. Weston Kosova follows up on his earlier report. [Newsweek]

VIRAL VIDEOS: Why everyone’s glued to YouTube. Includes 3 minute Nightline segment. [Mashable]

FOCUS GROUP FOR HEADLINES: Real-time testing at Huffington Post. [Nieman Journalism Lab via Romenesko]

AD SALES HOPE: Next year’s predicted drop may not be as steep as expected. [Bloomberg]

ALEXANDER LEBEDEV: London Evening Standard owner, a former KGB agent, has tea with The Economist and says a lot. 10 minute video. [YouTube]


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