Tuesday Morning Edition 10/13/09

MY SPACE SINKING: “It is not going to disappear. But [it could] fade away in terms of relevancy.” [Mashable]  Also: Facebook’s Number 1 [PC World], data outage cuts off 150,000 Facebook users [CNet], and new Facebook status feature sparks concern. [Lion Country]

AD COUNT FRAUD: (Round up the usual suspects!) No one knows what’s going on, and even the biggest companies are being taken for suckers. [Wall Street Journal]

PAYWALL: Clay Shirky says no. With audio. [Nieman Journalism Lab]  Also: Murdoch doesn’t “get it.” [AudioGraphics]

GERMANY V. GOOGLE: Chancellor opposes digital library plan. [Guardian]

NET NEUTRALITY: Article calls it essential to free speech. [New Republic via CBS]

WHO’LL WATCH OVER NEW JERSEY: A scandal-scarred state faces a future without its watchdogs. [New Jersey Newsroom]

TYPICAL DAY: And then… Via DAB:


One response to “Tuesday Morning Edition 10/13/09

  1. It’s his own fault … Don’t stand in the street next time, dumbass, that’s what sidewalks are for

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