Monday Noon Update 10/12/09

AN UNUSUAL ENDORSEMENT: The Star-Ledger’s support of an independent candidate for governor has changed the campaign’s focus. With endorsement link and video. [Buzz Machine]  Also: Atlanta paper will no longer endorse. [AJC]   Also: Endorsement may violate rules. [Politicker NJ]

HOW GOOGLE’S CHANGED EVERYTHING: A report on “Googled,” Ken Auletta’s upcoming book. [Seeking Alpha]

EYEBALLS: What, exactly, will keep them turning your pages? [Monday Note]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FOX: Bill O’Reilly’s toast. [Mitchell Republic]

COLUMBUS DAY: The flip side of the navigator’s legacy, sung by Buffy Sainte-Marie in “My Country ‘Tis of Thy People You’re Dying” (clicking the video will take you to its YouTube source, where you’ll find the lyrics):


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