Monday Morning Edition 10/12/09

DAILY VET BUYS TINY WEEKLY: Rocky’s DC bureau chief now has 2,000 readers in Guadalupe County, New Mexico, where he’s learning a lot. [NY Times]

“If a house burns down, everybody here knows it, saw it, knew the people, probably hugged them, but they still want to read about it in a paper that comes out four days later.”

WHO’S NUMBER 1? WSJ and USAT duke it out. [Reuters]  Also: USA Today spins its bad numbers — they’ll get better. [Media Bistro]

London-Evening-Standard-001STANDARD IS FREE: Today’s the day the evening daily goes free. [Guardian, Newspaper Innovation]  Also: Standard report.

NOT ENOUGH METROS: You’ve got to get up early to catch one in Moscow. [Newspaper Innovation]

NEWS APP USERS: A loyal bunch. [SFN Blog]

AN EVENING WITH FOX AND MSNBC: It was enough to send a New Jersey man running for the cover of newspapers. [ via Eric]

MAD HAS HELL: Playing Glenn Beck. From Network (1976):


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