Friday Noon Update 10/9/09



We live to fight another day” (editorial)

New owner James Tyree expects to do better (post includes an expansive TV interview with Tyree and the president of the Chicago Newspaper Guild)

The new owner: Tale of Tyree’s tape

Chicago Sun-Times timeline

Neil Steinberg’s column (reposted from our Friday Morning Blast)

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NEWSPAPER WEAK PROMOTIONS: Editorials that ask for pity are for losers. [Newsosaur]

“As any sensible marketing or advertising expert will tell you, emphasizing the deficiencies or poor sales of a product is exactly the wrong thing to do.

“Customers only buy products – or, in the case of newspapers, use them for free on the Internet – because they see a value in them. They don’t do it because they feel sorry for the vendor or the vendor feels sorry for himself.”

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OBAMA’S PEACE PRIZE: Everyone’s got something to say. Two views (with hundreds of comments appended — from the Times of London and the Washington Post.

BOSTON PHOENIX SUES FACEBOOK: Claims social networking site violated its patents dealing with personal profile pages. [Boston Globe]

DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL: When the NY Times was too busy to give World Series scores (80 years ago). [NYT Picker]

AGGRESSIVE ADVERTISING: Cable pulls no punches:


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