Friday Morning Blast 10/9/09

AP AND MURDOCH TO GOOGLE — PAY UP: “Aggregators and plagiarists” are “kelptomaniacs,” Murdoch said. AP’s Curley said “content creators must quickly and decisively act to take back control of our content.”

They spoke today at a meeting in Bijing of 300 media executives from 80 countries. [Associated Press]

From AP chief executive Tom Curley:

“We content creators have been too slow to react to the free exploitation of news by third parties without input or permission … Crowd-sourcing Web services such as Wikipedia, YouTube and Facebook have become preferred customer destinations for breaking news, displacing Web sites of traditional news publishers.”

From News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch:

“The will no longer tolerate the disconnect between people who devote themselves — at great human and economic costs — to gathering news of public interest and those who profit from it without supporting it.”

ALSO FROM BEIJING: Murdoch asks China to open its media market. [Reuters]

AND MORE ON MURDOCH: A columnist — whose London newspaper just switched from paid to free distribution (and is a Murdoch competitor) — says an online pay wall will jeopardize the News Corp empire. “Murdoch has previously been the media mogul who bucked trends. Though he has been in trouble before … he has always dealt rationally with the crises. Now he appears to have lost his cool by adopting a strategy to escape his problems that is anything but guaranteed to reverse his fortunes.” [London Evening Standard] ALSO: Murdoch speaks in Japan and a Japanese reader reacts. [Japan Times]

• • •

FTC BLOGGER RULES: Online, protests and questions. [CBS]

PHILADELPHIA: An expanded bankruptcy auction. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

CHICAGO: Hard choice keeps Second City a two newspaper town. [Chicago Sun-Times]

MORNING PAPER: Bert’s reading the paper, and Ernie’s reading over his shoulder. From the Archives:


Which brings us to this next clip from Love Bites:


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