Thursday Noon Update 10/8/09

THE FUTURE: Oregonian memo outlines a leaner, reorganized newsroom. [Oregon Media Central via Romenesko]

SAVAGE BANNED AT CAMBRIDGE: Cambridge University has cancelled a debate that would have included broadcaster Michael Savage by videophone. Savage, a U.S. broadcaster deemed politically incorrect for his views about Islam, is banned in Britain. The cancelled debate’s proposition: “This House Believes Political Correctness is Sane and Necessary.” [World Net Daily]

WATCH OUT, KINDLE: Major publishers — led by Murdoch — are working together to come up with their own Kindle-like device. Meanwhile, despite Kindle’s expansion overseas (see Wednesday Evening Edition), there’s still no Kindle in Canada. [NY Post and Globe and Mail]

NEXT GREAT COLUMNIST: Washington Post’s casting call. [Washington Post]

NIGERIANS DON’T READ: Editor tells why they should. [All Africa]

THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET: 140 characters can end in legal woes. [NY Times]

BERLUSCONI SCANDAL: Troubles surrounding Italy’s media king (and prime minister) boost sales. [Guardian]

BARRY GRAY: New York’s interview king in an extraordinary talk with Judy Garland. You won’t find a man like Gray on cable TV — he had style. Audio from You Tube. From 1967:


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