Thursday Evening Edition 10/8/09

IS OMG BLASPHEMY?: Nightline examines the Third Commandment. [Beliefnet]

TWEET AWAY: Washington Post guidance has a chilling effect. [Huffington Post]  Also: A virtual PR firm advises clients on proper use of social media (second half of story). [Patriot-Ledger]

NEWSPAPER BAILOUT: Canadians might back one. [CBC]

IT’S BAD AT CONDE NAST: Ad sales may fall by $1 billion this year. [Newsweek]

JUDGE OKS CHICAGO SALE: Sun-Times deal may close by end of October. [Reuters]

WHITE HOUSE V. FOX: Battle on. [The Hill]

FTC BLOGGER RULES: Bad idea. [NY Times]

POINT OF VIEW: It’s a matter of perspective, seeing a story from all angles. Guardian:

Along the lines of the Guardian commercial, here’s a spot that touts the importance of “Why.” Las Vegas Sun:


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