Wednesday Morning Report 10/7/09

HOW TO HIRE A REPORTER: It’s Gersh calling — and you got the job! Includes video link. [Brooklyn Paper]

NO NEWSPAPERS: What news do you suppose would be available on the Internet without the content produced by newspapers?” [Mercury News]

SUPREME COURT DOGFIGHT: Justices doubt constitutionality of ban on depictions of animal cruelty. [Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press]

GMAIL HACK: Attack spreads from Hotmail to Google and Yahoo. Just say no to phishing. [Smart Company, Australia]

CAN KINDLE SURVIVE AN APPLE ASSAULT?: Waiting for an iBook reader. [WSJ]

CHICAGO BID: Sun-Times judge asked to reopen the sale process. [Reuters]

SORRY: Top 10 on-air apologies. With video links. [Mediaite]

CNN BITES FOX: An angry Rick Sanchez fights back — attacking Fox over its allegation (trumpeted on air and in newspaper ads) that Sanchez’s CNN (along with NBC, CBS and ABC) failed to cover the Sept. 12 Tea Party march on Washington. Sanchez to Fox: “Enough is enough. … You lie.”

In case Sanchez didn’t close the deal, CNN ran this ad:


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