Wednesday Evening Edition 10/7/09

GOT KIDS?: Monitor their internet use. REALLY monitor their internet use. [NY Times]

BAD PASSWORDS: Of 10,000 passwords stolen from Hotmail users a few days ago, 60 percent were either lower case letters only, or numbers. The top two passwords lost: 123456 and 123456789. Here’s some password advice. [MacWorld and Bruce Schneier]

LIMITS OF PRAYER: A lawsuit’s been filed against a group that endorses military chaplains because one of its chaplains is allegedly “asking Jesus to plunder my fields … seize my assets, kill me and my family then wipe away our descendants for 10 generations,” says a former military lawyer. A religious law expert says “‘imprecatory,’ or curse prayers, are considered by the courts to be protected speech.” But if the words incite others to violence — that’s something the courts might consider. [Dallas News]

BUSINESS WEEK: Daily News’ Mort Zuckerman’s out of the bidding, leaving Bloomberg LP and ZelnickMedia. [Reuters]

BAD GOUMET: What killed the magazine. [Boston Globe via Romenesko] Meanwhile, there were more layoffs today at Conde Nast. [NY Observer]

KINDLE: Drops ist price — and you can now download internationally. [WSJ]

LAGUARDIA READS SUNDAY FUNNIES: Before the internet (see today’s top item) … before TV … what got kids’ attention? From the Archive:

DEMAND-SIDE AD NETWORKS: Hot topic. “It’s possible that they could push us even further in the direction of direct response. But it’s also possible that they could reduce the emphasis that marketers currently place on clicks, sparking a greater appreciation for the value of reach and frequency, and ultimately driving more ad spending to the web.hat they’re all about.” [Paid Content]


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