Tuesday Noon Update 10/6/09

LET THEM DIE: Newsweek’s tech editor has little sympathy for ailing newspapers and opposes government aid. “It’s bad enough that we’re all in bed with advertisers. Getting in bed with the government would be even worse.” And going non-profit would just be “prolonging their agony.” [NPR] Includes audio link.

WHY MURDOCH WILL FIRE BECK: The Fox host is “ultimately a ticking time bomb and fast track to disaster,” writes Ben Cohen. “His continued assault on the President … does not reflect well on the network, regardless of how right wing it is.” [Huffington Post]

BLOGGERS’ AD NETWORK:I don’t envy the people who knock on doors asking Bob’s Dry Cleaner for ads,” said Curbed’s founder. [NY Times]

GOING PAID: Economist, others, erecting pay walls. [Guardian]

IRAN CRACKDOWN: 3 newspapers shut, journalists remain jailed. [AFP]

NATIONAL NEWSPAPER WEEK: Celebrating the medium’s tradition of service. [Baxter Bulletin]

FAIR AND BALANCED? CERTAINLY NOT: There wasn’t the slightest pretext of impartiality in Harry Chandler’s Los Angeles Times, as depicted in last night’s PBS documentary. Take, for instance, the 1934 election pitting “The Jungle” author Upton Sinclair against Gov. Frank Merriam.  “We don’t go in for that kind of crap that you have back in New York — of being obliged to print both sides,” LA Times political editor Kyle Palmer said. “We’re going to beat this son of a bitch Sinclair any way we can. We’re going to kill him.” [Editor & Publisher]

TAKING FAKE NEWS SERIOUSLY: CNN fact-checks Saturday Night Live’s portrayal of President Obama:

SNL’s spoof “is not a fair portrayal of how Obama’s done,”  CNN is told by Bill Adair of PolitiFact.com — which did its own analysis. “But it’s comedy, it doesn’t have to be fair.” CNN reports it “reached out to the White House for their reaction on this. They wouldn’t comment.” Says Mediaite: “Now, it seems the ‘real news’ is acknowledging the fake news as its equal.”


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