Tuesday Morning Blast 10/6/09

SQUEEZING BLOGGERS, NOT NEWSPAPERS: The Federal Trade Commission’s crackdown on payola to bloggers (Monday Evening Edition) won’t touch newspapers — where the swag’s been flowing with abandon. Says a poster on Inquisitr: “As long as the FTC is willing to let the newspaper industry to self-regulate itself then that should also be good enough for bloggers since in many cases I would suggest that career bloggers have as much ethics or even more more than a lot of journalists.” [Media Post, Inquisitir] Also: NY Times.

PAID HULU?: With Comcast buying in, is the end near for free Hulu? Wall Street’s viewed Hulu “not as a hedge against Internet piracy or viral video phenomenon YouTube but as a threat to the economic underpinnings of the television business,” including $22 billion a year in cable and satellite subscriptions. [LA Times]

HOTMAIL HACKED: Phishers” have stolen thousands of Hotmail passwords from Microsoft users, sparking a quick brushoff by Microsoft which said: “Phishing is an industry-wide problem … exercise extreme caution when opening unsolicited attachments and links from both known and unknown sources, and install and regularly update anti-virus software.” [news.com.au] Meanwhile, Apple was poised to release upgrades on three of its desktop and laptop lines. Good timing? [MacWorld]

WHAT HAPPENS IN BEVERLY HILLS…” A waiter was fired after twittering a complaint about a prominent no-tip patron — Hung’s Jane Adams — whose tab came to $13.44. [Brand X]

CRAIGSLIST BEATINGS: It’s not easy buying a computer online. [CBS3 PHILADELPHIA]

FREE SPEECH: Supreme Court dogfight. [Gawker]


All The President’s Men


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