Tuesday Evening Edition 10/6/09

DENVER’S LATEST CASUALTY: The Web site “Rocky Mountain Indepdendent” failed for the same reason the Rocky Mountain News failed


A suicidally stubborn determination on the part of the organizers to be in the business they wanted to be in, instead of attending to the business they needed to attend to.”

Former publisher John Temple said

The Rocky thought its competition was the Denver Post, instead of the whole, dang World Wide Web.

Temple quoted an executive of Rocky owner E.W. Scripps:

“We were not used to the market telling us how things should be. We were used to telling people what we thought they needed and how they needed it.”

Continue reading Alan D. Mutter‘s Newosaur post to learn how the Independent’s staffers — all Rocky veterans — failed, from beginning to end, to learn Rocky’s lessons. [Newsosaur]

• • •

FEDERAL MISTAKE: Federal Trade Commission’s order that bloggers declare their receipt of freebees from companies they review is a restraint of free speech that “is a monument to unintended consequences, hidden dangers, and dangerous assumptions.” [Buzz Machine]

CONRAD BLACK’S WAKE: Canada’s National Post is bankrupt images and it is the 11th hour at the Chicago Sun-Times. [Fitz and Jen, NBC Chicago]

LESS FREE IN VILNIUS: 15min, the free daily in the Lithuanian capital, has gone from five- to three days-a-week publication, citing an unstable ad market. [Newspaper Innovation]

FIGHTING DIGITAL PIRACY: Can publishers — the copyright owners — win? [Editors Weblog]

HYPERLOCAL WEB: Can it scale? Here’s a report from Seattle. [Paid Content]

MICHAEL MOORE: Capitalist-baiter blames greed — along with a barely literate citizenry — for the death of newspapers. (4-1/2 minutes)


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