Monday Noon Update 10/5/09

BREAKING: Black Monday at Conde Nast: Big-spending Conde Nast kills four titles today, including foodie Bible Gourmet, wedding Bible Modern Bride, plus Elegant Bride and Cookie. [NY Times] In some form, CEO Chuck Townsend said, the Gourmet brand will live on. [National Post] 12:43 PM UPDATE: Job toll at Conde Nast put at 180. [NY Observer]

12:21 PM UPDATE: Murdoch’s newspaper optimism: “We are seeing newspaper advertising coming back, though not yet to its previous levels.” On Internet pay walls: “We’re making huge efforts to seek support all over the world [from other industry players] for charging for news online. It costs us a lot of money to gather it … joining forces, even with the competition, will allow us to find a cheaper way of charging for access in the long term.” [Wall Street Journal]

Bait and switch: iPhone crossworders are irate after they paid $9.99 for the NY Times crossword puzzle app and were told (after the fact) that they’d have to start paying $1.99 a month more to keep the puzzles coming. [NYTPicker]

Reporter, not: Is it a reporter’s job to convey sound bites or facts? [Philadelphia Weekly]

Online reviews: “One of the Web’s little secrets is that when consumers write online reviews, they tend to leave positive ratings.” [Wall Street Journal]

Web Crash 2007: Everything’s lost. From the archive. [Onion]


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