Monday Morning Blast 10/5/09

Murdoch’s Internet war: Michael Wolff posits that it’s Rupert against the world. In Vanity Fair, Wolff says that Murdoch’s decision to put his multi-media empire behind a paid Internet wall may be his biggest gamble yet, perhaps putting him on the wrong side of history. True to Murdoch’s own history, the media baron won’t back down. Murdoch, “unlike almost everyone else in the business, believes newspapers are suffering not at the hands of technological forces beyond their control but at the hands of proprietors who are weaker than he is.” Wolff is author of the Murdoch biography, “The Man Who Owns the News,” and founder of, a news aggregator. In an aside, Wolff writes: “When I tried to explain Newser to Murdoch, he said, ‘So you steal from me’.” [Vanity Fair]

Making ‘paid’ work: For those determined to charge online, “a quick checklist to see if you are ready.” [Newsosaur]

Letterman disappears: CBS attorneys spent the weekend removing clips of Dave’s confession from the Internet (including a link on Coney Media’s Friday Evening Edition). [Mediaite]

D-Day at Sun-Times: Will Jim Tyree’s $26.5 million buy Second City’s second newspaper? [Chicago Tribune]

Governor backs newspapers: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is on the tube in an ad campaign supporting newspapers as the “only medium equipped to play watchdog across all levels of government.” [My 23 WNDY via You Tube]


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