Monday Evening Edition 10/5/09

FOR BLOGGERS, “FULL DISCLOSURE”: The Federal Trade Commission will require bloggers — and others — to disclose payments (including freebees) from companies whose products they review. [Wall Street Journal] This is big. [G4TV] More: FTC press release.

FREE CAN WORK: A worldview from a veteran — and advocate — of free print, who reminds: “Free is merely a part of a process, not an end in itself.” [Monday Note]

CITIZEN JOURNALISTS: “It’s easy to dismiss the ambitions of sites manned by citizen journalists and unpaid interns—but lately they’ve begun to garner legitimate scoops.” We’re talking real competition here. [Newsweek]

BECK BOYCOTT: It’s a face-off between “fair and balanced” and “quality food, honestly priced.” Britain’s upscale Waitrose supermarket chain has pulled its ads from Fox News, the latest bite back to Glenn Beck’s calling President Obama “a racist.” [Guardian]

POST-NEWSPAPER DOONESBURY: Garry Trudeau hopes “large media companies will come to their senses and form a gated Web collective along the lines of cable TV … because going it alone has been disastrous for all of them.” [Greensboro News & Record via Romenesko]

ALSO: Online ads are down 5.3 percent; Drew Carey bids $100,000 for @drew Twitter; Wal-Mart’s burying DVDs (Blu-rays, too); and an old cereal brand reprints a century-old front page.

TONIGHT ON PBS: Inventing LA — The Chandlers and their Times.

Click here for a book except on LA Times labor strife, including photos from a notorious 1910 bombing.


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