Friday Noon Update 10/2/09

London freedom: 180-year-old London Evening Standard goes free on Oct. 12. Says Russian Alexander Lebedev, who acquired the Standard last January: “The London Evening Standard is the first leading quality newspaper to go free and I am sure others will follow.” Lebedev expects circulation to jump from 250,000 to 600,000 as £ losses mount. Will he make it up in increased ad revenue? [Editors Weblog] And is this really a revolutionary move? [Paid Content UK]

Online surrender: Rocky Mountain Independent stops charging and will stop producing new content on Monday. [Denver Business Journal via Romenesko]

Google Wave critique: It’s not the next best thing … yet. [Steve Rubel Lifestream]

iPhone hurts AT&T: Users love the phone, but would jump to a competing phone company given the chance. [Cnet] In NYC, Apple terms a 30% call drop rate acceptable. [Gizmodo]

Murdochs v BBC: 20 year battle is renewed by son James [Australian], leading The Sun to bolt Labour [Independent]. Report from Murdoch-owned Sky News:

The BBC’s report:

For Murdoch’s complete speech, go to Sky News a search “james murdoch” + edinburgh.


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