Thursday Noon Update 10/1/09

Death by Google: All those Google clickthroughs may be killing our Web sites. Advertisers covet loyal repeat readers (the ones who come through our home pages), not drive-by clickers. [Editors Weblog]

Working Together: Phenomenal collaboration in the Google Wave. [LA Times]

Vook: Wednesday morning, we posted a story involving a BlookToday’s NY Times updates us on the Vook. [NY Times]

Ouch: Hitler’s “Mein Kampf, translated via manga, is a comic book hit in Japan [Telegraph]. In Germany, the Central Council of Jews wants to republish “Mein Kampf,” which has been outlawed there since WWII [Independent].

High-pitched Crowd Control: Not your father’s dog whistle. [Washington Times]

Twitter, The Documentary: This “What the F*CK is Twitter?” video will get you started. [Current]


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