Thursday Evening Edition 10/1/09

Free dailies dying: Free daily newspapers keep closing — the US count’s down to 24, from 40 at the start of 2008; circulation’s down to 300,000, from 600,000. [Newspaper Innovation]

Nonprofit, nonanswer: Turning newspapers over to nonprofits substitutes “one flawed business model for another. For-profit newspapers lose money accidentally. Nonprofit news operations lose money deliberately.” [Slate]

Fox reality check: White House issues a “Reality Check” countering Glen Beck’s coverage Chicago’s Olympics bid and linking to a “Truth-O-Meter” that rebuts other Fox reporting. ChiTrib blog says Fox should accept this “wake up call.” [White House, St. Petersburg Times, Chicago Tribune]

No shield: Forceful Obama opposition would gut the proposed federal shield law, exposing reporters to jail. The president want a national security loophole. [NY Times]

Anne Frank on YouTube: The only film image of Anne Frank is included on a new YouTube channel along with other links. [You Tube via Tablet]

Nine seconds into the video, Anne Frank leans out the window of her house in Amsterdam to view her neighbor’s wedding.


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