Wednesday Morning Blast 9/30/09

  1. Apple Tablet’s not your father’s newspaper: Here’s what insiders report is in the works. [Gizmodo]
  2. Going paid a ‘gut call’: Whether  NY Times Web goes paid “will come down to a gut call,” says editor Bill Keller. “Everybody wants it to be a well-informed, well-considered gut call, but it’s a gut call.” [NY Observer]
  3. Why not pay?: “You don’t get free gas from a gas station. You don’t get free meals from a restaurant … So why is the newspaper industry the only one in America that is expected to give its product away for free? Read the BLOOK (in progress) about the “Current State of Newspapers.” [Our Blook]
  4. Gotta be free: We’re talking print here, for 18 to 24 year olds who grew up mainlining free Web. It’s the French way. [editorsweblog]
  5. Staying on top: They’re quitting the old media to join the new, Texas-style. “I’m not content to cling to a deck chair and go down with a sinking ship.” [Poynter Online]
  6. Don’t track me, bro: Two-thirds of Americans object to online tracking by advertisers … but what are they doing about it? [NY Times]
  7. Fox on top: Fox News had the top 13 cable news programs in total viewers for September, and the top three shows: Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck. Oh, btw, CNN’s Larry King placed 14. [Mediaite]


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